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About Us

Where Heroes Heal: The Story of Patriot Farm

Patriot Farm is a retreat created to provide respite to our nation’s warriors and their families, regardless of when or where they served. 

Transitioning to civilian life presents many obstacles. We strive to provide a quiet place to reflect, write, paint, or relax quietly in nature while reconnecting with family. Our board consists of male and female, officer, and enlisted from each branch of the service.


At Patriot Farm, we come together to provide a healing environment to walk beside veterans and their families. We strive to bring families emotionally closer through sharing experiences and reminding veterans and their families that they are worthy. 

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Our Story

Welcome to Patriot Farm - a haven for veterans seeking respite, community and empowerment. Our serene environment provides an escape from the stresses of everyday life, while our tailored programs guide each veteran on their unique path to improved health and well-being. Here, you will find a supportive community of veterans and staff, dedicated to empowering you to live your best life.

Steve J.

I am a Vietnam era U.S.A.F. veteran and retired local business owner. I have served on the Newaygo County Mental Health Board 8 years, 3 as chairperson. Currently I am serving on the Newaygo County D.H.H.S. and Medical Care Facility board of directors. On both boards we deal with Medicaid recipients. Most of the veterans that use the services of Patriot Farm don't qualify for Medicaid or government programs. This is a void Patriot Farm has been filling for veterans. Funding for Patriot Farm would enhance the lives of many veterans and their families in our area. My family and I have had the opportunity to experience some of what Patriot Farm can offer veterans and their families. The sugar shack and collecting maple syrup was a great experience for my wife and granddaughter. The property itself has much to offer, the beautiful view overlooking the Muskegon River, the tunnel of trees and much more. I have also participated in work days cutting and splitting wood for the sugar shack, Newaygo County Veteran Service Office's low income firewood program, and bonfires with veterans and volunteers from the community. Patriot Farm has a calm and healing environment that veterans and their families can experience together.

Patriot Farm Members

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